Gintarė Montvilienė

• Trade Expert.
• She graduated Vilnius 23rd secondary school, accessed to Vilnius University, which she successfully graduated in 1988 year and acquired economic education.
• Her working career she started as an economist in construction association. In 1995 she moved to private sector and started to lead for household appliances, video, audio equipment store chain called “Tinginio sapnas”. In 2001 she started work in JBC “Buteka”, where she leaded for the specialized Whirpool products salon. When the company started to expand she started work as a development and marketing manager. When JBC “Buteka” was sold, she worked in ordering trade and in 2012 started work at JBC “Pretendentas” as trade expert. • About work at “Pretendentas” UAB: “A team of JBC “Pretendentas” agreed me very friendly, from the very first days I felt like I was working here for a long time. The most thing I liked was work organization: the employee is responsible for his work area from the beginning to the end, he is completely independent, so there are now limits for reaching your results and improving your work. I think this is very important.”
• Hobbies: “Books, traveling, cultivation of flowers, cooking.”
• Personal belief: “You can achieve anything in this world, you only have to wish it very strong.”