Dalytė Kazakevičienė


  • Born on the 26th of March 1964 in Alytus.
  • After graduating secondary school, started studying at Alytus College, where she acquired accounting education.
  • Working experience she got in Lithuanian and abroad enterprises. When she came back to Lithuania in 2016 september she started working in JSC „Pretendentas“.
  • About the job at JSC „Pretendentas“: „The team accepted me friendly, I‘m happy working in this collective and meeting even more warm people.
  • Hobbies: travelling, reading books, theatre, cinema, spending freetime in nature.
  • Life credo: „Always behave with others the way You want they would behave with You.“

Arnas Gricius

System administrator

    • Born on the 1st of June 1994 in Vilnius.
    • In 2013 graduated Vilnius Salomeja Neris gymnasium. In 2017 He graduated from Publishing and Advertising Studies at Vilnius University.
    • Before joining UAB Pretendentas, he worked as a freelance assistant producer and art department assistant in the production of films and TV commercials.
    • About the job at JSC „Pretendentas“: „I feel really good at this company because I’ve been accepted as their own person since the very first day. It would be hard to imagine a brighter team because we interact with each other warmly, openly and cheerfully. There is important mutual understanding here, colleagues are great professionals, always willing to help with any question.“
    • Hobbies: As Arnold says: „My greatest passion for music is not just listening, but I’m playing and playing alive myself. I love traveling and it’s a big part of my life. I like to spend time actively – especially riding a bike, sailing and spending time in the wild.Peaceful evenings he spends with good literature and films.“
    • Life credo: „If You turn Your dream to a goal – You must complete the mission. If You complete your mission – You will reach Your goal. If You reach Your goal – Your dream will come true.“

Andrius Bondarevas


• The Shareholder, Founder and Head of the Company.
• Born on 3 October 1975 in Alytus.
• After graduation from Alytus 8th Secondary School in 1993 he started studying at Kaunas University of Technology, Faculty of Programming. However, the wish to live independently encouraged him to give up his loved studies and start working at “Bonvaldos Servisas” UAB as a manager. A couple of years later, having gained experience, he started studying at Kaunas University of Technology, Faculty of Management. At the same time he established his own company (“Pretendentas” UAB). In 2001, having successfully completed studies, he concentrated on development of the company activities.
• About work at “Pretendentas” UAB: “It is a dream of every boss. The team is young, full of enthusiasm, hard-working, initiative and easily employing the new methods of work. Since I am a part of the team of Pretendentas UAB, I have been observing how the company’s capacities, professionalism and team have been changing along with its development. You always feel yourself at Pretendentas UAB as at home, the people become a part of you, and the results of your work give you joy and satisfaction. The team is just as a group of good old friends who gathered together to do “something interesting”, share their ideas and findings. It’s a real pleasure to work in such a team”.
• Hobbies: “My sports hobbies include volleyball, swimming, diving, cycling and tennis. Cultural activities: theatre, cinema and concerts. Other hobbies: good food, yoga, motorbikes, travelling, dreaming, meeting new people, friends, cultures and civilizations :)))”
• Personal belief: “Be happy and play your life!”

Audrius Bračiulis

Sales Manager

• Sales Manager.
• Born on 17 June 1977 in Alytus.
• Graduated from Alytus Putinų Secondary School. Later studied at Alytus Higher Business School, where he obtained the engineering education. Working in the field of sales, attended workshops on work organization of sales manager, methods of effective sales and customer service as well as other seminars.
• Gained his experience working for Lithuanian and foreign companies. In November 2000 started his work at “Pretendentas” UAB.
• About work at “Pretendentas” UAB: “Here I feel as at home.”
• Hobbies: “I prefer active sports: volleyball, basketball, tennis, motorcycles; I also like watching films and travelling.”
• Personal belief: “Life is a challenge, and you have to accept challenges.”

Kristina Banevičienė

Purchasing and Export Manager

• Purchasing and Export Manager.
• Born on 2 September 1980 in Kaunas.
• Obtained a Bachelor’s degree at Kaunas University of Technology, Faculty of Electrical and Control Equipment. At the same time accomplished Economic and Management studies at the same university.
• Started her career at “Klaipėdos baldų prekyba” UAB as a Manager for Office Furniture; in July 2004 got a position at “Pretendentas” UAB.
• About work at Pretendentas UAB: “I have been working here since 2004. During this time I gained a lot of experience in the fields of negotiation and sales. Working at Pretendentas UAB, I always seek to achieve the set objectives.”
• Hobbies: “in my free time I like travelling, watch TV and read magazines.”
• Personal belief: “Do not treat others in ways you would not like to be treated.”

Augis – Zenonas Sipavičius

Manager at Vilnius Office

• Manager at Vilnius Office.
• Born on 17 March 1963 in Alytus District.
• Studied at Vilnius Gediminas Technical University. During his 26 years of work experience he had an opportunity to attend a number of different courses on marketing, sales and other special courses.
• Started working at “Pretendentas” UAB from September 2008.
• About work at “Pretendentas” UAB: “It is a great pleasure to work here because our friendly and hard-working team helps to solve the problems you face quickly. This is a team that pursues the set objectives.”
• Hobbies: sports, picking mushrooms, reading of books and some creative work.
• Personal belief: “Share my experience and advice with those who need them.”

Inga Arbačiauskienė

Manager of Coffee department

• Manager of “JURA” department.
• Was born in 1969 on the 20 of October in Russia, in the Kaliningrad area.
• In 1988 year she graduated Alytus Second secondary school, accessed to Kaunas Superior Economy school and acquired accounting profession. Later she heard more than one accounting course and improved her skills in the financial field.
• Accountant career she started right away after she finished studies and in 2011 march she began working at JBC “Pretendentas”
• About work at “Pretendentas” UAB: “There is young, lively and friendly collective. And the job isn’t routine, everyday you can find something new and interesting.”
• Hobbies: “Traveling, books, theatre, films, photography. I like riding a bike and I am practicing Yoga.”

Natali Bondareva

Human Resources Manager

• Human Resources Manager.
• Born on 16 January 1974 in Kaliningrad District, Russia. In 1976 moved to Alytus City, Lithuania.
• In 1992 graduated from Alytus 2nd Secondary School, later completed a course of Accountancy and Finances at Alytus College; in 2002 obtained a Bachelor’s of Management degree at Kaunas University of Technology.
• Started working from 1996. Worked as an accountant, chief accountant, financial expert. Later got a position of staff manager at “Pretendentas “UAB. Has been working for the company since 1998.
• About work at “Pretendentas” UAB: “I enjoy being a part of such a young, easily accepting different new management or technical programmes team. The Head supports different initiatives which do not conflict with the mission and values of the company. Therefore we have got a perfect field for creativity here.”
• Hobbies: “I like sports – dancing, cycling, swimming in the pool, playing tennis and doing yoga. Travelling has already become my lifestyle. The theatre, good films, books, music and pleasant scents give me inspiration for new things. I relax at home cooking, sewing or doing massage.”
• Personal belief: “One should always be brave enough to live his/her own life.”

Gintarė Montvilienė

Trade Expert

• Trade Expert.
• She graduated Vilnius 23rd secondary school, accessed to Vilnius University, which she successfully graduated in 1988 year and acquired economic education.
• Her working career she started as an economist in construction association. In 1995 she moved to private sector and started to lead for household appliances, video, audio equipment store chain called “Tinginio sapnas”. In 2001 she started work in JBC “Buteka”, where she leaded for the specialized Whirpool products salon. When the company started to expand she started work as a development and marketing manager. When JBC “Buteka” was sold, she worked in ordering trade and in 2012 started work at JBC “Pretendentas” as trade expert. • About work at “Pretendentas” UAB: “A team of JBC “Pretendentas” agreed me very friendly, from the very first days I felt like I was working here for a long time. The most thing I liked was work organization: the employee is responsible for his work area from the beginning to the end, he is completely independent, so there are now limits for reaching your results and improving your work. I think this is very important.”
• Hobbies: “Books, traveling, cultivation of flowers, cooking.”
• Personal belief: “You can achieve anything in this world, you only have to wish it very strong.”