Audrius Bračiulis

• Sales Manager.
• Born on 17 June 1977 in Alytus.
• Graduated from Alytus Putinų Secondary School. Later studied at Alytus Higher Business School, where he obtained the engineering education. Working in the field of sales, attended workshops on work organization of sales manager, methods of effective sales and customer service as well as other seminars.
• Gained his experience working for Lithuanian and foreign companies. In November 2000 started his work at “Pretendentas” UAB.
• About work at “Pretendentas” UAB: “Here I feel as at home.”
• Hobbies: “I prefer active sports: volleyball, basketball, tennis, motorcycles; I also like watching films and travelling.”
• Personal belief: “Life is a challenge, and you have to accept challenges.”