Andrius Bondarevas

• The Shareholder, Founder and Head of the Company.
• Born on 3 October 1975 in Alytus.
• After graduation from Alytus 8th Secondary School in 1993 he started studying at Kaunas University of Technology, Faculty of Programming. However, the wish to live independently encouraged him to give up his loved studies and start working at “Bonvaldos Servisas” UAB as a manager. A couple of years later, having gained experience, he started studying at Kaunas University of Technology, Faculty of Management. At the same time he established his own company (“Pretendentas” UAB). In 2001, having successfully completed studies, he concentrated on development of the company activities.
• About work at “Pretendentas” UAB: “It is a dream of every boss. The team is young, full of enthusiasm, hard-working, initiative and easily employing the new methods of work. Since I am a part of the team of Pretendentas UAB, I have been observing how the company’s capacities, professionalism and team have been changing along with its development. You always feel yourself at Pretendentas UAB as at home, the people become a part of you, and the results of your work give you joy and satisfaction. The team is just as a group of good old friends who gathered together to do “something interesting”, share their ideas and findings. It’s a real pleasure to work in such a team”.
• Hobbies: “My sports hobbies include volleyball, swimming, diving, cycling and tennis. Cultural activities: theatre, cinema and concerts. Other hobbies: good food, yoga, motorbikes, travelling, dreaming, meeting new people, friends, cultures and civilizations :)))”
• Personal belief: “Be happy and play your life!”