Artūras Malinauskas

• Product and Communication Manager.
• Born on 15 January 1970 in Kelmė District.
• Has higher education. In 2011 obtained a Bachelor’s of Engineering degree at Alytus College. Specialty – Carriage by Land Transport.
• Has a many years’ work experience in Lithuania and abroad. Gained experience working in the USA and Ireland. Became a part of team of “Pretendentas” UAB in July 2008.
• About work at “Pretendentas” UAB: “I like working in this company because I like doing the work I am assigned to, and, of course, my colleagues are perfect!”
• Hobbies: “I like travelling, making my home a better place to live and sports.”
• Personal belief: “Endeavour at perfection and stay young as long as possible.”